Turf Love, a part of Healthy Virginia Lawns, helps to improve water quality throughout the region. For a $30 fee, the program gives residents an accurate lawn measurement and a certified Nutrient Management Plan based on a soil test. The plan is the first step to establishing or maintaining a healthy lawn in an effort to reduce run-off and fertilizer use. The program is available to James City County residents year around. If the ground is not frozen or covered with snow, a Master Gardener volunteer will make a site visit and get you enrolled. For an application to the program, click here.

Program Overview

A “Lawn Ranger” or specially trained Master Gardener volunteer will visit your home and conduct a site residential turf analysis, which includes a lawn care survey, lawn measurement and a soil sample.

Once the soil sample has been analyzed by the Soil Lab at Virginia Tech, a “Nutrient Management Plan and Best Management Practices Report” is generated that include specific recommendations on the following:

  • Soil analysis and recommendations
  • Turfgrass variety recommendations
  • Lawn measurement
  • Lime application
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Mowing
  • Over-seeding
  • Watering/Irrigation
  • Pest management
  • Insect, weed and disease control

Program Opportunities

  • On-Site Home Visits
  • Public Speaking
  • Neighborhood Programs
  • Educational Workshops
  • Super Turf Saturday -Annual Event each August
  • Video Programs
  • Beautiful Lawn—Cleaner Environment

Turf Love is a partner program between Virginia Cooperative Extension.